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Approximate Running Time: 00:11:50
Released: 2015
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You've decided to use dark magic to summon a succubus to do your bidding. You think you've found a way that you won't have to give up your soul in exchange for ultimate pleasure. You proudly hold the Talisman of Light to the candle flame, reciting the ancient words to bring forth the creature. You leave the candles burning then fall asleep waiting for the delicious demon to arrive. She sneaks into your room & you awaken to her sitting on you, ready to serve.

You can hardly believe your luck when you first lay eyes on the wondrous redhead demon, and then she begins to suck your hard cock. She knows that you want to be inside her, and she mounts you. You feel a strange energy in the air but you're confident you're protected because of the crystal. She faces you, bringing you closer to orgasm, and reveals that you've already made a deal that cannot be undone, and you're not protected by the crystal because you weren't wearing it during the incantation. She's right: you can't resist her.

Even knowing that you won't survive the night, you allow her to caress, lick, bite & suck your cock. You thought you could escape fate by taking & not giving in return, but now you know that your soul belongs to this energy vampire. As you near orgasm, you feel yourself beginning to leave your body. She strokes you until you explode, feeling the most intense pleasure you've ever felt, and she seals your fate with a hiss & a smile. Your selfish mistake has cost you your life.

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Cast & Stars: Summoning The Succubus

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